23 juillet 2007

Coming soon

Time is running but we promise to update the web-blog when we will be in Dijon, Thursday the 26th of July....
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13 juillet 2007

The Danish eldorado

We crossed the boundary (the authorities let us go even with our dirty smelly socks...). We passed the first step....Second step, here we come! Our minds are still in Norway, thinking of wild territories. Some many landscapes, how lucky we were for the weather, and the last but not the least: the erasmus life we left in Tromso. Amazing life! What a wonderful trip! So, what did happen since we left Trondheim...? Adios Trondheim: We took a good rest in the city even if we cycled 80km in the morning to reach the city... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2007


The whole team is now arrived in Trondheim, the second biggest city in Norway after 1500km cycling but without any pain! Here is a small summary of the last days... The Lofoten Islands:Wonderful, Wunderbar! A lot of sun, steep mountains, blue-green waters. Simply the best. Bodø: The destination of our ferry from the Lofoten. After 3 hours, enjoying the sun and having a nap, the first kilometers were extremely difficult. However the landscape mades of fjords under the sunset and the road passing through were a great moment. We... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2007

Second Start

    I finally left Tromsø at 5pm under some rain showers. The last survivors were here to support me....I decided to cycle around 4hours to reach Nordkjosbotn 80km away from the city. The day after, started the real trip with he first 150km cycling day to go from one fjord to one another, passing through valleys and mountains, over rivers. A hard day because of the road and also the weather.....I was still raining...I stopped and prepared my dinner at 10pm, exhausted but just in front of the fjord which will lead me to the... [Lire la suite]
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29 juin 2007

We did it : 500 km cycling

After one week, one might say that when the weather is good it is  very nice to cycle everyday in Norway! We arrived yesterday in Svolvær in Lofoten islands, with the smile! Beautiful weather, beautiful landscape, what a nice country! Bicycles and bikers are still in a good shape, ready to make 150km a day after this little warm up. Sylvain started the trip yesterday from Tromsø and he will reach Svolvær the 30th of june. And then the team will be ready! You can see the start of the trip one Youtube, you just have to... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2007

First Start

After some day packing and preparing the last stuff for our trip the first part of the team, namely Myrtille, Jose and Olivier, left under a beautiful sun! The official departure time was 2 pm today but as usual we were late and we left at 5pm! Thanks to all our friends who have been waiting for a couple of hours to see us leaving, who have helped us and who have created a nice start line! We got the first flat tire after 1.5 km but now everything is okay! Movies of the departure will be available soon on youtube, just write... [Lire la suite]
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