07 juillet 2007


The whole team is now arrived in Trondheim, the second biggest city in Norway after 1500km cycling but without any pain! Here is a small summary of the last days...

The Lofoten Islands:Wonderful, Wunderbar! A lot of sun, steep mountains, blue-green waters. Simply the best.

Bodø: The destination of our ferry from the Lofoten. After 3 hours, enjoying the sun and having a nap, the first kilometers were extremely difficult. However the landscape mades of fjords under the sunset and the road passing through were a great moment. We arrived in Fauske and camped in front of the sea.

De Fauske à Mo I Rana : It is extremely difficult to cross the Polar Circle! Everybody agree with that. The first part of the route was nice between mountains and fjords but the following 80km uphill, with a wind in the face were exhausting. We finally cross the mythic Polar circle 700m over sea level, and had a break in the coldest place we passed through! Very hard day but real satisfaction.
We spent the night in Storforshei....Don't ask Myrtille anything about this place....She destroyed her rear tyres and we went to Mo I Rana partly cycling, partly walking! Hopefully it was the resting day so we spend the rest of the afternoon, just sleeping in a park in Mo I Rana.

De Mo I Rana à Trondheim: During this day we left the fjords and went more inland crossing Canadian Landscapes with forests and lakes. This 170km cycling day just killed us, with endless uphills and burning sun. We camped on the opposite side of Trondheim city, along Trondheimfjorden.
We finnaly reached Trondheim...come back to the urban life. Crowded pedestrian street, cars, noise, parks, churchs....A great visiting afternoon!

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